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Companies like accounting and consulting firms who share their expertise by publishing know-how articles can expand their audience using Research Central, our mobile-first distribution platform that brings together content from hundreds of news & research providers. 

The main benefits these clients achieve are: 

  • Get additional distribution that is complementary to their existing web portal.
  • Get iPhone, iPad and Android apps with offline functionality, without the upfront cost.
  • Easy sharing of articles to social media, email and WhatsApp (sharing can be disabled).
  • Tap-to-call & email contact details facilitating inbound business enquiries.

Offline functionality turns unproductive into productive time

Londoners have an average commute of 1.5 hours a day. That's 44 full working days a year.

Research Central is available on iPhone, iPad and Android. The app is often used when commuting or traveling.

Having offline at the core ensures that fresh content matching reader preferences is always available on their device, delivering a super-fast experience regardless of signal strength.

Selected contributors

Expand their audience on mobile, leading to extra engagement and inbound business enquiries.

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