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The analysts continued using the same Word templates for authoring so Responsive Labs removed the hassle that comes from changing the authoring tools for analysts when adopting mobile-friendly HTML5. Our team worked closely with the operations, social media marketing and IT teams at the client to ensure a smooth execution.

The main benefits the client achieved are: 

  • Reach mobile audience but also increase engagement on the desktop.
  • Get advanced readership analytics.
  • Reports are hosted by Responsive Labs.
  • Deep-link to report sections to share on social media


Responsive Labs was able to finish the implementation and go live in 7-8 weeks. To speed up time to market and minimise internal IT spend, the client decided to host the HTML5 reports with Responsive Labs. The HTML5 report links would then be used on their web portal and email marketing. Their internal IT spend for this project was zero. 

The implementation comprised 2 phases: 

  • Proof of Concept. 3-4 weeks. This phase allowed the client to review the HTML5 output and confirm that it was of sufficiently high quality meeting their professional publishing standards.
  • Live, using the secure web-based publisher dashboard. The client submits the reports using our dashboard. 


After 9 months, HTML5 readership exceeded 250% of the original PDF readership on their portal.

Another example worth highlighting: the client published a research report for a large CRE conference taking place in Cannes. Using email and social media, a link to the HTML5 version of the report was provided to the readers. Using our readership analytics, we observed high levels of engagement of the conference attendees on smartphones:
- given the perfect timing and relevance of the report content: high click through levels and
- high time on report averaged 10 minutes, with some sessions exceeding 25 minutes.  

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