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Responsive Labs removed the hassle and confusion that comes from changing the authoring tools for analysts when adopting mobile-friendly HTML5. Our team worked closely with the Editorial, Marketing and IT teams at the client to ensure a smooth execution.

The main benefits the client achieved are: 

  • Reach mobile audience but also increase engagement on the desktop.
  • Get advanced readership analytics.
  • Get reports in componentised format.
  • Include video.


As the client was already convinced that HTML5 was the correct approach and was looking for a vendor to implement the chosen strategy, Responsive Labs was able to finish the implementation to go live in 7-8 weeks.

The implementation comprised 3 phases: 

  • Proof of Concept. 3-4 weeks. This phase allowed the client to review the HTML5 output and confirm that it was of sufficiently high quality meeting their professional publishing standards.
  • Live, using the secure web-based publisher dashboard. To get to market faster, the client started by submitting the reports using our dashboard. 
  • Live, using a fully automated API integration. After being live for some time using the dashboard, the submission process and readership analytics feedback was automated using a simple API call.


The client observed a 300% increase in readership on their portal after moving to HTML5 using our conversion engine.

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