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Transform how and where you communicate with your clients by adopting HTML5. Our Conversion Engine converts MS Word and PDF documents into responsive & mobile friendly HTML5. The main benefit of our approach is that you can get the benefits of HTML5 (as listed below) without having to replace existing authoring & publishing workflows.  

You can access the conversion service via our web-based dashboard or using our API. Conversions from MS Word documents happen in real time. The typical implementation takes 6-8 weeks. This fast turnaround can be achieved because there are no changes to the analyst workflow and any related training that may be required.

“The conversion engine slotted into
our existing workflows. So we didn't have to
change the analyst & compliance workflows,
but still got all the benefits of HTML5.”

Benefits of HTML5

Mobile friendly

unlock mobile

The smartphone is the next battle ground for client attention. Using responsive web design, unlock mobile eyeballs instead of pinching & zooming long PDF's. 


understand reader
behaviour better

Apart from the usual report level analytics, dive deeper with readership insights around specific content sections and let it steer future content creation. 

Dynamic content

Ensure data is
always up to date

Embed dynamic content such as real-time and historic stock prices, forex rates, money market benchmarks, earnings estimates, bond quotes or any other market data.  


enable two way

The sky is the limit. As an example you can embed reader polls into your reports allowing for feedback on topical subjects. Then leverage the poll results as data for future research reports.  

Video content

If a picture is a thousand words,
what about a video?

By 2018, mobile video will represent 69% of global mobile traffic, so now is the time to ensure your content strategy includes video for mobile. Include video summarising the take aways of reports. 


make report components
easily identifiable

Use HTML syntax to tag individual components in a research reports like title, sub-title, summary, authors, investment thesis, financial table, industry overview, etc.


“To differentiate ourselves in a post MiFID II world, we continuously optimise the presentation, delivery and readership analytics of our content. HTML5 is the tool of choice to be competitive.”

HEad of research 
global investment bank

“Like newspapers, we now use advanced readership analytics with the aim of better understanding reader preferences, creating fast feedback loops to improve the quality of our published content. ”

Chief Technology Officer
Independent Research Provider

300% increase

Increase in readership on the portal of an equity research provider after moving to HTML5 using our conversion service.

6- 8 weeks

As the analyst authoring and compliance workflows are not impacted, typical implementation times are short.

3 seconds

With the straight through processing capability, the typical conversion time to HTML for a Word report is fast.

Target Clients


investment research & strategy

Including investment banks, commercial regional banks and niche players. 


annual and interim reports

Including large caps and mid caps from the main market as well as small caps. 

Independent Research Providers

investment research & strategy

Including equity & fixed income, macro as well as general market research firms.

Buy Side Firms

internal and external investment notes

Including asset managers, hedge funds, private equity funds, pension funds.

Law Firms

thought leadership pieces

Including large and medium-sized law firms as well as niche firms and regional players. 


market commentary & thought leadership

Including commercial real estate brokers, insurance brokers as well as financial market brokers.


regulatory & market summaries

Including industry associations, professional bodies as well as national & international regulators. 

Vendors to the above

depends on the client requirements

Including vendors who use our technology for their own research as well clients projects.


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