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Expand your audience and monetise your content with Research Central, our mobile-first distribution platform that brings together content from hundreds of research providers. Growing every day, Research Central contains over articles from over 500 publishers and 50,000 authors. 

Research Central is available on iPhone, iPad and Android. It is often used when commuting or traveling. Having offline at the core ensures that fresh content matching reader preferences is always available on their device, delivering a super-fast experience regardless of signal strength.

“Mobile distribution via Research Central is
complementary with our existing web portal.
We didn't want to build our own apps but still
wanted to reach our clients whilst on the go.”

Why do publishers like Research Central? 

Native apps

unlock mobile

Some publishers want to complement their own web portal with a suite of native apps but don't have the appetite to invest in building and maintaining separate mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. 

Lead generation

turning Qualified Leads
into revenue

We can provide qualified leads when readers show an interest. Publishers can also decide to show article headlines only to non-subscribers, or only allow access up to a certain number of reports a month for example.

Free to contribute

free is

Provided the content is mobile friendly and relevant to our target audience, there is no cost to contribute. We charge for supplementary services around it like advanced analytics and the qualified lead generation. 

Readership data

understand reader

Apart from the usual report level analytics, dive deeper with readership insights around specific content sections and let it steer future content creation.

Entitlements support

clients and subscribers
only please

We support basic as well as complex entitlements. In addition, entitlement management can be fully automated via our API’s or managed using our secure web-based publisher dashboard.

Available to all your clients

Don't limit your
addressable market

As the Research Central apps are free to download for readers, they are available to all your clients. Not only the subset that paid for the expensive license of the terminal provider. 

Why do readers like Research Central?

There is an active development road map with plenty of exciting features we
can't wait to share with you but below are some of the commonly
quoted reasons our readers like using Research Central. 

Mobile optimised

no more pinching 
and zooming

The content on Research Central is specifically optimised for mobile with phone friendly table of contents and the ability to adjust font size. No more pinching and zooming on PDFs. 

Offline at the core

perfect for tube, train or plane
or when you have a poor signal

Research Central is often used when commuting or traveling. Having offline at the core ensures a super-fast experience for readers regardless of their signal strength.


"don't make me open 10 different apps before getting onto the tube"

Specifically on mobile, readers like their news and research in one place. In addition, the app syncs the most recent content matching their multi-publisher preferences onto their device.

Free to download

Free is 

The Research Central apps are free to download in the AppStore and Playstore. Public content is directly available whilst premium content is subject to extra entitlements. 

Personalised experience

Readers are
in control

Readers can customise their news feeds by following the subjects they like, either using generic topics or publisher specific channels. Some innovative features are coming soon in this area.  

Customisable notifications

Be in control and get
notified only when you want to

Readers can customise their mobile notifications based on a list of subjects they want using publishers, generic topics or publisher specific channels and so forth. 







Target publishers

News & Magazines

Beat reporting and business market news

Including business and financial newspapers, trade magazines, selective blogs and news wires.


investment research & strategy

Including investment banks, commercial regional banks and niche players. 

Independent Research Providers

investment research & strategy

Including equity & fixed income, macro as well as general market research firms.

Law Firms

thought leadership pieces

Including large and medium-sized law firms as well as niche firms and regional players. 

Buy Side Firms

internal and external investment notes

Including asset managers, hedge funds, private equity funds, pension funds.


market commentary & thought leadership

Including commercial real estate brokers, insurance brokers as well as financial market brokers.


regulatory & market summaries

Including industry associations, professional bodies as well as national & international regulators. 


annual reports & 
investor presentations

Including large caps and mid caps from the main market as well as small caps. 


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