White-labeled apps


Some banks and research publishers have tried to create their own apps and abandoned the effort. It's better not having an app than having a malfunctioning app that has not been updated for years. Creating and maintaining mobile apps is hard, which is why we offer a white-label model such that our clients reap the benefits of our investment at a fraction of the cost. 

Clients get new features when we add them and ongoing support for mobile operating system upgrades. White-labeled apps are available on iPhone, iPad and Android and they are built from the ground up with offline in mind. 
These apps support premium as well as public content, whereby entitlements can be managed using our API or secure web-based dashboard. 

“Your brand, your app, your customers”

Target clients

News & Magazines

Beat reporting and business market news

Including business and financial newspapers, trade magazines, selective blogs and news wires.


investment research & strategy

Including investment banks, commercial regional banks and niche players. 

Independent Research Providers

investment research & strategy

Including equity & fixed income, macro as well as general market research firms.

Law Firms

thought leadership pieces

Including large and medium-sized law firms as well as niche firms and regional players. 

Buy Side Firms

internal and external investment notes

Including asset managers, hedge funds, private equity funds, pension funds.


market commentary & thought leadership

Including commercial real estate brokers, insurance brokers as well as financial market brokers.


regulatory & market summaries

Including industry associations, professional bodies as well as national & international regulators. 


annual reports & 
investor presentations

Including large caps and mid caps from the main market as well as small caps. 


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